Live Citrus Viruses Bari


The collection comprises strains of the main citrus viruses and viroids, including the viral agents of new and emerging diseases, like Citrus chlorotic dwarf virus, Citrus leaf blotch and Citrus yellow vein clearing virus. Isolates are maintanend in seedlings or grafted citrus plants belonging to different Citrus species, according to the preferential virus-host. The infected material has been collected throught the years in Italy, in the Mediterranean basin, in China and US and graft-inoculated in quarantine facilities.

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IPSP Istituto per la Protezione Sostenibile delle Piante
Sede di Bari
Via Amendola, 122/D
70126 - Bari (BA)

Contact person for collection

Dr. Donato Boscia
Phone: +39 080 5443067