Live CTV reference isolates Bari


The collection of CTV isolates comprises more than 50 CTV isolates collected in the contaminated areas of Italy, Albania, China, California, Lebanon, Syria, Spain. Isolates are maintained on grafted sweet orange and mandarin plants as weel as in Mexican lime and Madame Vinous seedlings. An in depth serological and molecular characterization has been done on most isolates revealing the presence of T30, T36, VT, T3 and atipycal CTV genotypes. The CTV collection serves the scientific community involved in virus research for the developement of genotype-specific markers, of serological reagents and for cross-protection assays.

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Sede di Bari
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Dr. Donato Boscia
Phone: +39 080 5443067
E-mail: d.boscia@ba.ivv.cnr.it