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This network aims to harmonize all the genetic resources available in the CNR system and make them available for the entire scientific and business national and international community.

The goal and work of the italian network will be preparatory to identify and propose supporting and coordinating actions aimed to raise funds for the maintenance of collections, especially for a continuous and organic functional and genetic characterization (environmental, agronomic, nutritional, pharmacological, industrial).

The availability of genetic resources will be useful for understanding the mechanisms that shape biodiversity, both for their effective exploitation or as base for genetic improvement programs for a sustainable food production.

Network collaborative interactions

Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure
Provides microorganisms services facilitating access to high quality microorganisms, their derivatives and associated data for research, development and application.

"Biomolecular" Virtual Laboratory
Integrates skills and infrastructures for molecular and bioinformatic analyses aimed at providing the scientific community with services for the production, management and analysis of data within the framework of the LifeWatch infrastructure.

Advanced infrastructure for Molecular Biodiversity study, including: 1) Genomics and high-throughput sequencing Laboratory; 2) Bioinformatics platform; 3) Functional and Systems Biology Laboratory; 4) Laboratory for Management and Analysis of Microbial Biodiversity; 5) Plant Biodiversity Laboratory. For further information, please contact: