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BioGenRes: the genetic resources in agro-food research of the CNR-DiSBA

The CNR Department of Bio-Agrifood Sciences (DiSBA) among its targets includes defense, knowledge and exploitation of genetic resources of plants, animals and microorganisms involved in various Agrifood fields. The CNR Institutes which refer to the Department hold important collections of biological material consisting of plants, animals and microorganisms. Totally they are more than 100,000 accessions, among which 80% is material collected in regions indicated by Italian law 191/2009.

The objective of the project is the biological and informatic organization of data contained in the collections of DiSBA genetic resources, through the use of modern bioinformatics technologies. The achievement of that target might produce the important result to network Italian genetic resources, making them usable not only by researchers, but also by citizens, stake-holders, public and private institutions, allowing the scientific and operational foundations to establish a national network for Agro-biodiversity.

Available were often scattered among different groups, in many cases unstructured, and in no way integrated with each other. Therefore they have been included in this bioinformatics platform able to structure and integrate data from various collections, making them more expendable in analytical protocols of several scientific and applicative fields.


  • Institute of Plant Genetics (IGV)
  • Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology (IBBA)
  • Institute of sciences of food production (ISPA)
in collaboration, for the bioinformatics, with

  • Institute for Biomedical Technologies (ITB), Bari
have initiated a process of analysis of the genetic resources to create a database, in order to enable and enhance the knowledge of existing resources.

Main objective

To design, manage, integrate and disseminate data related to the collections of genetic resources present within the DiSBA, aiming to characterize, conserve and exploit plant, animal and microorganism genetic resources, interesting for forestry, agronomy food industry and sustainable livestock.

 Specific Objectives

  • To armonize genetic resources to make them usable for a fruitful evaluation within productive processes and environmental protection policies
  • To describe high quality features regarding agronomic, industrial, pharmacological, nutritional and adaptative traits of surveyed resources
  • To contribute to the successful long term preservation of genetic resources, for future generations exploitment
  • To promote an overall optimised conservation scheme for the safe conservation of the plant, animal and microorganisms germplasm, and involving several conservation means (ex-situ collections, cryopreservation and on-farm conservation by farmers and professionals), so that resources could be conserved, accessible and field-tested in a pertinent context.