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18th International Congress on Animal Reproduction, ICAR

01 March 2016Animals
18th International Congress on Animal Reproduction, ICAR
June 26- 30th 2016, in Tours, France

Cutting edge science… Beyond the recent developments of reproductive physiology studies and biotechnologies in farmed and wild species, this edition of ICAR will bring up several emerging topics and concepts, including predictive biology, epigenetic regulations, developmental origin of adult health and new insights in neuroendocrinology. Gathering outstanding speakers in the different fields of reproduction research, from basic knowledge acquisition to field application, this conference will provide high quality scientific contents to any attendee.
… In the garden of France Located in the centre of France, the Loire Valley is a road to history. The majestic Loire river flows peacefully in a bucolic environment punctuated by precious traces of the past. Amongst them, the castles from the Renaissance period (Chambord, Chenonceau,…) became the obvious symbol of this region. Architectural treasures legated from the past, they also bear the history of France and its Kings. Region of traditions, the Loire Valley is a conservatory of French way of life with delicate and tasteful gastronomy and worldwide known wines. All these treasures will be at easy reach to the ICAR participants during the meeting itself and during post conference tours.